In my work it is very important to me to support good social projects and to enter into partnerships. For example, I support the discovering hands Service GmbH, which carries out early cancer detection with the sense of touch of blind and visually impaired women.

Collaboration with discovering hands

Every year, 70,000 women suffer from breast cancer in Germany. At around 18,000, the disease is fatal. But life-threatening is not the tumor itself, but its metastatising into the body. Therefore, early detection is so important: If malignant changes in the breast are recognized by good precaution in time, they can be prevented from spreading by a therapy.

Mammography screening is offered to women as a legal prevention between the age of 50 and 69 only every two years. The palpating examination, however, is the core component of breast cancer prevention for all women.

The discovering hands Service GmbH has significantly improved this early detection method in the form of tactilography with our visually impaired medical tactile investigators (MTI).

Blind and visually impaired women have a special gift: an outstanding sense of touch. discovering hands trains these women in a nine-month training to professional medical tactile investigators. So qualified, they can use their outstanding skills to discover very small changes in breast tissue early on.

The tactile breast examination lasts between 30 and 60 minutes. With the aid of patented special adhesive strips the MTI orients on the breast, while it is systematically scanned in all tissue depths by a standardized method. Our MTIs are happy to answer all questions about breast health.

The tactile breast examination is naturally taking place under medical responsibility. Your doctor will discuss the result of the examination directly afterwards with you.

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