Business Process Intelligence

In collaborative work in your processes, process data is generated to a large extent. Each step generates a data track in the process data, which can be evaluated later using the methods of Business Process Intelligence (BPI). Here you connect people, data and systems. Please take a look at this concise little video of the SAP on the topic, which brings this to the point.

With BPI, your company becomes an intelligent digital company. You will not only have knowledge about your processes, but also deep insights into your processes, the data and documents generated in this process, and the way your employees work. With this newly gained transparency, you can react agile to new or changed requirement for your company and its people, data and systems within a very short time, and are a quantum leap ahead of your market companions.

With “Data at your fingertips” you evaluate the structured data generated at work on your processes. And where these data are not yet in structured form, you generate data structured data from unstructured naturally linguistic data using methods of artificial intelligence.

And if you allow your employees to work spontaneously on unprecedented incidents, as they think it should be correct, you can analyse the generated data later using methods of process mining and artificial intelligence and use the results for modelling well defined new processes.

Process Mining is also used when your employees are consciously and intentionally, or unconsciously working past your well-defined processes. Process Mining detects patterns in the generated process data and derives processes from it. This now functions so well that you do not have to change too much in the processes modelled by Process Mining.

It is better, however, if your employees’ understanding of processes is developed to such an extent that they can quickly model simple processes ad hoc. These processes will be reviewed later and either revised, accepted or rejected.

Complete your method case for process management with the building blocks Business Process Intelligence and Process Mining.

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